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  • 2014 Online Tax Return submitted in as little as 10 minutes from only $29!


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  • New Messaging System

    We now have online messaging available to customers to make it easier for you to connect and communicate to us on a regular basis should you need to do so. You can also upload documents directly from your account page.

    All customers should use the online messaging system for contact where possible, and emails as a secondary contact option. All this is available from your account page right now!

  • Document Manager

    We’ve updated the system to now allow you to automatically upload your documents to our system using your Refund Express account page. We can store these documents for up to 5 years for you, just in case you lose them, all free of charge.

    Take advantage of Cloud based Document Management now, with Refund Express. Have peace of mind, knowing that we’re looking after your documents for you.

  • Fast

    Some other sites say 10 minutes, but our statistics show that most users can register and lodge on our site on average between 8-12 minutes. Just like last year, you too can now benefit from our Express Online Tax Return System!

  •  Easy

    You can have confidence in using Refund Express, because we’re Registered Tax Agents, and happy to help get your Online Tax Return finished sooner. Our Site is also secured with the latest 256bit encryption technology.

  •  Simple

    Your 2016 Online Tax Return is now easier than ever, with all the questions made quick and easy to answer. So now you can breeze through the process, and get back to doing better things. All this and have the convenience of having your Refund Direct Deposited into your Bank Account.

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    Let Rex show you just how fast and easy Refund Express is to do your online tax return.


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Online Tax Refunds Made Easy

Tax Refunds

  • Get your Tax Refund direct in your Bank Account
  • Refund Express is a Mobile friendly online tax return
  • You can exchange messages with your Refund Express accountant
  • It’s fast, with no need for an appointment. Why tavel to the accountants office?
  • low fees, and still get expert checking and advice.
  • Average time per tax submission on Refund Express is 10 minutes
  • Easy to understand, so you don’t miss out on a bigger refund
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Refund Express is completely Australian owned and operated. No overseas outsourcing.

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