Need a break?

How about a holiday that’s paid for?

  • If a family trip to the snow or some warmer weather is calling your name…

    Think about this.

    Filing your tax with Refund Express guarantees you the maximum refund with the least amount of stress and effort.

    Refund Express gives you simplified filing, online support, certified tax agent verification – and best of all – maximum deductions guaranteed*

    Submit your tax quickly and efficiently with confidence. You’ll earn back some precious time – time you can spend with your family.

  • $79 for UNLIMITED deductions

    Basic return ONLY $29


What else would you like to know?

  • Why it’s the quickest

    AccessLogin or register from any computer, any where

    Simplified – Answer a few questions

    Safe – Our accountants will check, assess and lodge it for you

    Done – Click to submit

  • Why it’s the easiest

    Web based – No download or install

    Efficient – Developed for speed and understanding

    Universal – Works on any device (iOS/Android/Windows/Linux)

    Basic – No frills, works with any internet

Made for you

    • Take the lead

      Bravely made to be used by people, not accountants or lawyers.

      Finally feel like you’ve got control of your tax return. No more getting lost in legal-ese or paying big money to accountants who understand it.

    • Choose your weapon

      Use Refund Express on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone – on any browser!

      • macOS, Windows and Linux
      • iOS, Android and Windows Phone
      • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Edge

      Proudly introducing
      The Refund Express Mobile App

    • Professional

      Built for professionals by professionals. We work and file taxes just like you.

      Years of burdensome, hard to understand filing built the vision for helping people like you file taxes better.


  • Give it a try


About Refund Express

  • Our Focus

    Our concept was ‘No headaches for YOU!’

    When we created Refund Express, our goal was to say ‘good-bye‘ to the hour-long basic tax returns…the hour that didn’t include software installations, errors and deciphering complex language.

    We wanted to create something that everyone could use and understand, something that would work on any internet browser. We continually create progress based on our customers’ feedback.

    Refund Express

    Ta-da! Refund Express was born! With just a payment summary, you can submit a speedy return and have your money in your hands. Fewer steps and less explanation is required for a basic return.

    For more complex returns, you’ve got our team of accountants working to get you the best refund possible.

    Get in touch to share your feedback or tell us about your complex return.

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