About Refund Express

The quickest and easiest way to do your tax return online

  • Quickest

    Refund Express Australia takes the complication out of tax lodgement by reducing the amount steps needed for tax returns, explaining things in a way that is accessible. This is what makes us the quickest and easiest way to get your tax done. It’s easy to see why when you can:

    • Login or register from any computer, any where.
    • Answer a few simple questions.
    • Submit.
    • Our accountants will check, assess and lodge it for you.
  • Easiest

    Nothing to download, install or anything difficult to understand.

    Online tax returns with Refund Express have been developed for speed and efficiency, that’s why everyone loves it! The simple fact is that Refund Express has been made to work on any device, it’s mobile phone friendly (iOS and Android), iPad friendly, fast and easy to use no matter how you connect to the internet.

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  • focus

  • Our Focus

    Our focus is on creating the best online tax return system, designed for humans and not accountants or lawyers. Many of our friends and family were always spending hours doing their taxes on eTax and most of the time the errors, installation issues, or even the wording gave them more headaches. They would spend anywhere from 45 minutes up to over an hour just to do a basic tax return.

    When we looked at the market, we found nobody else seemed to make the process any simpler or easier for the average person. They were either clunky remakes of the old ATO paper based form or they were asking irrelevant and complex questions people couldn’t work out. We wanted to create something that everyone could use and understand, something that would work on any internet browser, and to make it better and better based on our customers’ feedback.

    Refund Express

    From this Refund Express was born! All you need is your payment summary, and you can have your express tax return submitted with a return back to you as quick as possible. Refund Express takes the complication out of tax submission by reducing the amount steps needed for tax returns and explaining things in a way that is understandable.

    Not only can you do basic tax returns, but for more complex returns, our team of accountants can manage your return and get you the best refund possible.

Our Core Values

    • Take the Lead

      We started out small, aimed high and exceed everyone’s expectations to lead the way and change the landscape. We look to lead the way and use the latest technology and process’s to make Refund Express the best online tax return system in Australia. Our systems and process have been developed to be used by people and not accountants or lawyers and this is why people are choosing to use Refund Express for their online tax returns.

    • Device Friendly


      • Apple Mac computers, MacBooks,
      • Windows 
      • Apple iPad or Android Tablet
      • Apple iPhone or Windows Phones
      • Even Linux Computers.


      The App store?

      Refund Express was developed to work on any device, without the need you to worry about downloading & installing an app. This means it works just like an app, except you don’t have to download anything and it’s always up-to-date; keeping you and your data safe and secure using bank-level security.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      There’s nothing to download so there’s no wait at the accountants office.

      It’s so easy:

      • Simply enter in the basics (name & address)
      • Answer some simple Questions
      • Select a payment method & submit.

      You’ll be done in the time it would have taken you to drive to the accountants office or to download and install software. We know you will love Refund Express so be sure to tell your friends & family too.

    • Be Professional

      We are Registered Tax agents with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board, this means that we follow strict guidelines and obligations.

      • We are qualified accountants preparing your return.
      • We have the experience to deal with the most basic to the most complex tax issues.
      • We always keep up-to-date so you get the best refund.

      We strive to give you the best results, while maintaining courtesy, respect and professionalism.