2016 Refund Express Online Tax Return

This year you can get your 2016 Tax Refund direct to you Bank account using our 2016 Online Tax Return system. It’s fast, secure and easy to complete. Ths year we’ve added more income items and additional resources in the back end to help you get your Refund as quickly and easily as possible.

New Rental Property Option

We now have the ability for you to lodge your Tax Return if you have a Rental Property. As always we will make it simple, easy, and quick to finish your 2016 Tax Return Online. All clients will be able to continue to lodge there simpler Tax Returns as always, but now we will be adding additional income items and opportunities for extra income items when you need them.

Now Works with Sole Traders

We’ve updated the system to now allow you to automatically upload your documents to our system using your Refund Express to quickly and easily complete your Tax Return even if you’re  a Sole Trader 2016. As always we will look to make the whole process as simple as we can. Sole Traders can find lodging their Tax Return complex and this year you can use our 2016 Online Tax Return system to quickly and easily lodge online in minutes. Our step by step questionnaire will keep it short and to the point.

Still Fast and easy as ever.

Some other sites say 10 minutes, but our statistics show that most users can register and lodge on our site on average between 8-12 minutes. Just like last year, you too can now benefit from our Express Online Tax Return System!

Your 2016 Online Tax Return is now easier than ever, with all the questions made quick and easy to answer. So now you can breeze through the process, and get back to doing better things. All this and have the convenience of having your Refund Direct Deposited into your Bank Account.

  • 2016 Online Tax Return submitted in as little as 10 minutes from only $29!


  • Coming Soon!
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