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  • 2016 Refund Express Online Tax Return

    This year you can get your 2016 Tax Refund direct to you Bank account using our 2016 Online Tax Return system. It’s fast, secure and easy to complete. Ths year we’ve added more income items and additional resources in the back end to help you get your Refund as quickly and easily as possible. New […]

  • Tips For Preparing To Do Your Return With Refund Express

    It’s all fair for Tax agents to expect that all clients have everything at their fingertips ready to give to them. For whatever reason however, this is not always the case. Below are some tips for making sure you’ve got all information ready so that there’s as little (or in most cases no) questions needed […]

  • Claiming your phone and internet on your Tax Return

    Claims for phone, internet and home phone expenses Almost everyone looks to make a deduction for work and business. Anyone adding this to their Tax Return will be on the ATO’s hit list. The Taxation Office has recently taken aim at claiming mobile phone, internet and home phone expenses, now generally requires many taxpayers making […]

  • ATO target deduction Tax Returns

    Are you the Tax Man’s Target?

    Avoid being Targeted If you work then the answer is probably YES. Unlike recent years, instead of a specific industry, this year the ATO intends to target specific work related expenses. These areas include: Claiming a computer, phone or other electronic device as a work-related expense Transporting bulky tools and equipment Overnight work-related expenses This […]

  • Tax Refunds

    Maximise your Tax Refund

    Many clients ask us if they should spend money to purchase an item before 30 June to get the tax deduction for it. The answer is simple – YES if you really need the item, and NO if you don’t. Many times, people spend money on things just to get extra tax back, but it’s […]