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  • Take Advantage of Tax Savings Before the Year Ends!

    Tax planning should be done on a regular basis throughout the year, but if you’ve been busy here are some tips to get your 2019 tax savings in order! Imagine What You Could Do With the Tax That’s Saved! Reduce your home loan Go on a holiday Upgrade your car Top up your Super Make […]

  • double story houses that could be rental properties and relate to rental property income that needs to be claimed on your 2017 australian tax return

    Rental Property Income: Everything You Need to Know

    The 1st of July is coming fast, and all of Australia is getting ready to start this financial year with a bang! We at Refund Express want to do our absolute best for our clients, and one of the many ways we do this are to assist in making sure that they’re declaring every thing […]

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    Getting Your Tax Right for the New Financial Year

    We all know how stressful and confusing it is when the time comes to sit down and do our tax! Especially when you don’t know what information to put in, let alone putting all of your information together into one cohesive arrangement for your Accountant. We at Refund Express have vowed to help our clients […]

  • Dust Off Your Deduction Pile!

    The new financial year is just around the corner, and with a new financial year comes the familiar hustle and bustle of getting your paperwork together and lodging with a Tax Agent.We know that lodging DIY tax returns online can seem quick and painless, but it still has its downsides when half of the items […]

  • people walking down the street heading to work incurring travel deductions such as train, taxi, uber, these can be claimed in their 2017 Australian tax Return as a Travel Deduction

    2019 Travel Deductions with a Bang!

    Travel Deductions and How to Claim Them With the end of the financial year approaching, you’ll more than likely want to start planning for the new tax season by organising your 2019 income tax return, and getting that big old refund to start the year off with a smile. But how do I get a […]

  • Saving Money on your Home Loan Made Easy

    At Refund Express, our goal is to help you save your money or more than just your tax bills. We also look at other areas of opportunity that you might have to make savings – like your home loans and business loans. That’s why we partnered with They’re online, but it’s seriously just like old-fashioned […]

  • a whole bunch of coins and recipets as people work out their deductions for the 2017 Individual tax return season and trying to avoid dodgy deductions

    Dodgy Deductions

    It’s time to do your individual Australian tax return and Refund Express is here to make it quick and easy by doing your Tax Return online. As daunting as that sounds, it is a good thing you have us at Refund Express to help. Obviously, we want you to get the biggest possible refund you […]

  • a person pretending to be a tax agent stealing money form Australian tax payers and taking all the money being caught by the police.

    Tax Frauds – How to be Safe

    Tax Frauds As the new financial year begins and the old financial year ends we at Refund Express Australia want to make sure that you do your tax in the safest way possible and avoid tax frauds. The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) has advised that in the lead up to the tax season, it is […]

  • a car on a map to show travelling, the car helps to show that most work related travel is done via personal cars which can be claimed as a deduction in your 2017 Australian Tax Return

    2017 Tax Return Series – Travel Deductions

    TRAVEL DEDUCTIONS The 2017 tax season is approaching, and the team at Refund Express Australia wants to make sure that you know how to get the biggest possible refund on your Australian Tax Return, and start the new Australian financial year off with a head start. You need to know exactly what you can, and […]