Easy Online Tax Return

Finding it difficult to lodge your Tax Return online using other online services or websites, including the free service provided by the ATO. We’ve heard, and read that lots of people complained about having trouble getting their access to the system or details, and even getting connected to do start.

You don’t have to go through all this work when using Refund Express to lodge your Tax Return Online. We’ve created a basic system to allow you to quickly answer all the questions needed to fill you obligations, without all the hassles the ATO’s requests.

Refund Express is not a free service, because you’re paying for our Accountants to check your Tax Return for errors, income, deductions and ensure your Tax Return is lodged correctly. If you don’t have a Credit Card, we have the facility to allow you to pay directly from your Tax Refund. We simply place your Tax Refund into our trust bank account, and deduct our fees from the refund amount and transfer the remainder to you. So your Tax Return can be lodged and processed with Zero upfront Costs!

If you’re not sure on something to claim or enter in, simply sign up and send us a message. We’ll then check to see what you can claim, or even suggest some items you could be claiming in your Return. It doesn’t stop there, when we check your Tax Return we’ll make sure your deductions are valid.

  • Don’t be concerned about security and prying government eyes using their services “free” online services.
  • Cant access all the documents you need?
  • We’re here to maximise your Refund!
  • Quick & Easy questions that are easy to understand.
  • You can take advantage of Extended Tax Agent Deadline by using Refund Express.

We can get information directly from the ATO once you verify your identity with us. We can get your payments summaries, Centrelink, interest and even dividend information. So if you have lost or misplaced some information you need for your Online Tax Return, use Refund Express for you next Tax Return.

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