Saving Money on your Home Loan Made Easy

At Refund Express, our goal is to help you save your money or more than just your tax bills. We also look at other areas of opportunity that you might have to make savings – like your home loans and business loans.

That’s why we partnered with

They’re online, but it’s seriously just like old-fashioned customer service without the geographical issues.

Through our partnership with Exactly, we’ve been able to help our clients get…

  • Big interest rate discounts (SAVE thousands)
  • Cut years off their home loans… a LOT of years
  • Extremely professional and detailed service – you really have to try it to believe how detailed and informing their Home Loan Advice is!

Get behind-the-scenes Secrets that other brokers hide from you…

Some of their articles over here get a little technical – it’s almost like they’re training mortgage brokers – but what it does is teach you exactly what’s happening behind-the-scenes, so you understand everything.

You could almost DIY your own home loan mortgage broker service after reading everything, or you could talk to the professionals – because they get access to tools and information that you still can’t get.

How it works…

It’s simple.

  1. A quick conversation or face to face meeting done online, where you express your goals (what you want to do).
  2. Your mortgage broker at Exactly then does an analysis and researches thousand of potential products for you.
  3. You get a very detailed written advice document, which you can use immediately – or if it’s got longer-term goals, you can keep it as guidance to what you need to aim for if you’re going to be eligible for a home loan.

All that for FREE.  No commitment.

If you think this sounds like something you could use, head over here or give them a call on 1300 EXACTLY (1300 392 285).

What some of our other clients say…

“Amazing… such an expert service restructured our loans and saved us over $10,000 in the first year alone!”

“we never thought we’d be eligible, but they weaved some magic… “

“we get declined by 2 other mortgage brokers, but Adam from Exactly got us approved, AND saved us about $800 per week!! Amazing!”

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