How to Lodge your 2015 Tax Return

What’s the Easiest Way to Lodge my 2015 Tax Return?

Every year the  ATO releases new tax products, and last year they made eTax for Mac’s, which turned out to be broken and full of problems from the beginning. This year it’s myTax, and even this has been under a large amount of scrutiny of late, with several large security issues for its users. This is being tested, and used in combination with eTax, however with several security issues found earlier in the year for myGov, many people will be wary of it’s suitability to their needs and it’s ability to maximise their refund.

There are so many options, which can make it quite confusing, and overwhelm many people. Even those with basic tax returns. What are the options? Why is Refund Express the best, and how can you get the best outcome to get you the best possible outcome?

Everyone likes the idea of a Free Tax Return, but free doesn’t always get you what you sign up for. The ATO doesn’t make these things for free, and expect you to benefit to the maximum of the law your allowed. The ATO is the Tax Collection office, it’s primary job is to ensure people are paying their fair share. Most Australians pay to use a Registered Tax Agent to do their Tax Returns to make sure they’re getting their share of the money they’re entitled to under the legislation created. So does a ‘Free Tax Return’ really get you the best outcome at the end of the day? It’s your call, but we’re skeptical of anything that is made to make the process more difficult like eTax. Etax Tax Return system can be extremely frustrating for users, and that’s why we created Refund Express.

Why Refund Express & what about the Others?

Refund Express

  • Average time per tax submission on Refund Express is 10 minutes.
  • The quickest any person has lodged with us is 4 minutes, from registering to submission.
  • We make sure you only enter the information that’s relevant to your situation.
  • Your return is checked by an accountant before submission to the ATO.
  • We make tax easy to understand, so you don’t miss out on a bigger refund.
  • It’s a Mobile friendly online tax return. Try it on your tablet or phone!
  • You can exchange messages with your Refund Express accountant directly through your account page.
  • It’s fast, with no need for an appointment. Skip travelling to the accountants office.

Problems when undertaking a trip to the Accountants Office

  • Making an appointment to suit you and them.
  • Accountants can take over an hour or more.
  • Cannot leave your information at home, you have to take it with you.
  • It can get quite expensive. with some charging $180 upto $350 for simple returns.
  • Minimal on going support or updates, without shelling out more money for extra appointments.

Using the Governments new myTax site

  • You have to register with the Government and all of its services.
  • You may miss out on easy deductions or offsets that are not pointed out by the ATO.
  • You might save some money, but miss out on a bigger refund.
  • It’s not checked by a Registered Tax Agent.
  • You have no help or on going support.
  • Any possible errors or mistakes are yours. Basically, you’re on your own.

e-Tax the Overly Complicated Software

  • First you have to download etax, and then install it, and hope it works
  • It has be very time-consuming in the past.
  • You still have to register with myGov in order to use eTax.
  • Again, there’s no Tax Agent to check your Return for you.
  • So many questions to answer that don’t relate to you and your needs.
  • So many errors, and questions that can be frustrating. and time consuming.
  • Simple mistakes can cost you a big refund.

It’s a Trap (Admiral Ackbar)

The Tax Law is a complex area to understand. Its what we do for a living! We’re here to look after you, and your interests in order to take the worry out of the process.  The ATO targets different groups of people in order to audit them. and this year they are planning to match over 640 million transactions in 2013-14. Last financial year, the ATO undertook 450,000 reviews, and audits of individuals. It used data matching to raise $973 million in Tax Revenue from individuals being Audited.

Who uses Tax Agents like Refund Express?

Almost anyone can. and most Australians do. Because most Australians still trust their Registered Tax Agents to prepare their Tax Return correctly. and should Trust them more then the Governments “free Tax Return” options.

Refund Express Australia is an Australia Owned and Australian Run business.  We hire Aussies to support, and look after your Tax Return information.

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