Responsive Messaging Alert System

Refund Express now has a built in messaging system, that you can use to quickly and easily connect to our online tax accountants. We have listened to your feedback and added this feature to make your interaction simpler, faster and easier to get your tax return lodged this year by a registered tax agent. Not only can you use it to contact us, but you will also be able to upload images for verification of documents and for later use as proof with the ATO.

Our responsive system works both ways, by sending you alerts when we send you updates or make changes to your online tax return or refund status. This could be via, email or SMS alert. You’ll never miss a thing with Refund Express, while your messages will also alert us so that we know when you have left us a message as well.

Unlike eTax, we have also implemented the additional feature of document uploading, which can be used for verification with the ATO if they contact us or you for more information in relation to your tax return or tax refund in the future. This means you no longer need to keep these items once they have been uploaded to our system.

Don’t worry though we can still be contacted via our contact page, or by our new phone number and phone system, which will have accountants standing by during work hours. Check out our ‘Contact Us‘ page for more details.

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