Tax Frauds – How to be Safe

  1. a person pretending to be a tax agent stealing money form Australian tax payers and taking all the money being caught by the police.

Tax Frauds

As the new financial year begins and the old financial year ends we at Refund Express Australia want to make sure that you do your tax in the safest way possible and avoid tax frauds.

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) has advised that in the lead up to the tax season, it is important to be aware of what tax agents and clients share on social media. Scammers can use that information to impersonate a tax agent and send fraud emails, SMS or social media messages to their clients and networks. Tax Scammers can also impersonate you and apply for tax returns online and possibly steal your refund and have it transferred to them.

This is why we at Refund Express have identification systems put in place to avoid tax scammers impersonating you and stealing your refund. When preparing your tax return with us at Refund Express you can be reassured that we are legal tax agents and that we are here to help you. If you get any email’s or letter’s you can message us online with our messaging system and we can easily check the ATO portal on your behalf to unsure you don’t get scammed out of your refund or money.

An example of this happening is:

layla has just found out that she is a victim of tax scams and found that she now has lost money and wont be able to pay off her individual tax return debt

Layla receives a letter in the mail that appears to be from the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) stating that she has a debt of $23,000 to pay before the start of the new financial year. Believing that this letter is real, Layla begins making monthly payments to the details provided on the letter only to discover a few months later that the letter was a fraud. Layla has now lost $23,000 to these scammers.

However, if Layla had of contacted her tax agent at Refund Express we could of checked the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) portal and see if Layla really did have a $23,000 debt. If we found that Layla did not in fact have the debt then Layla would not have lost any money to the scammers.

We at Refund Express want to make sure that you don’t get scammed into loosing any money or your tax refund, below we have included a link to the ATO’s (Australia Taxation Office) website that will help you verify tax scams and how to report them to the ATO (Australian Taxation office):


These scammers will also try to trick you into providing personal information or to release funds, to help protect you we advise that you ensure your computer security systems are up to date and you are protected against cyber-attacks, make sure you keep personal information secure (this includes your user ID’s, and passwords) and most importantly don’t click on downloads, hyperlinks, or open attachments in unsolicited or unfamiliar e-mails, SMS, or social media comments.

We advise that if anyone receives a suspicious e-mail claiming to be the ATO they should not click any links, open attachments, or respond to the sender, but instead forward the entire e-mail to [email protected] without changing or adding any additional information and then delete from their inbox and sent folder.

If you have any questions just remember that Refund Express Australia is here for you, you can contact us by messaging us on our online messaging system or by calling. We want to make sure your safe this tax season.

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