Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to lodge my return with Refund Express?

    To complete your tax return you will need the following:

    • Tax File Number
    • Payment Summaries (Group Certificates)
    • Interest Statements (if applicable)
    • Dividends (if applicable)
    • Details of your Deductions for work.
    How much does it cost?

    Our Basic Return is just $29 when paying by credit card. If you would like to pay from your refund we charge an extra $20. The Basic Return allows you up to 1 income item and 0 deductions – it is purposely streamlined for the most basic of tax returns. If you have more income items or some deductions the Standard Return (up to 4 income items and up to 4 deductions) or Advanced Return (5 or more income items and 5 or more deductions) will be more suitable. There are also some optional add-ons that allow you to include more complicated information that will cost extra. These items are listed individually in your return.

    What if I don't understand all this complex tax stuff?

    Refund Express has been designed to use easy to understand language and plenty of helpful tips along with several links in the help section which you can use to find out more information on the relevant section.

    What if I don't have all of my payment summaries?

    You need to include all of your income information, from employers, Centrelink and even bank accounts. Simply contact you current/previous employers and ask them to send your summary to your address or wait for it to arrive in the mail; then start your Refund Express tax return.

    How long will it take?

    Basic returns can be completed in as quick as 10-15 minutes with Refund Express. If you lose your connection or need to leave, your information is saved along the way and you can come back and complete it any time later.

    How will I know how much money I will get back in my return?

    At the end of the Refund Express tax return process, there is an estimate provided with an amount that is expected for your return based on the information you’ve provided.

    What happens if I lie or make a mistake?

    If the mistake is obvious we may pick it up and request to have it fixed. If you deliberately mislead the ATO however, you will have to pay the money back, may incur a fine and possible jail.

    How will I know the end result of my return?

    The ATO will send out a Notice of Assessment to your nominated address. This is important to ensure all the information entered is correct and to ensure you don’t miss out on your refund or any future communication from the ATO. Refund Express will also notify you via email when you money has been transferred.

    How long does it take to get a refund into my account?

    Refund Express lodges your return on your behalf, and from there, it’s dependant on the amount of time it takes the ATO to provide that refund back to Refund Express or your nominated bank account. Once received back from the ATO, this is deposited into your account same day.

    Generally turnaround times from the ATO are 8-12 working days, but could be longer/shorter depending on any anomalies in your information or the ATO’s process speed (sometimes, but rarely, up to 28 days).

    Can I call or see a professional to talk about my return, or visit onsite?

    No, Refund express is for people with simplified needs. Should you need specific tax advice, you will need to see someone in person, or for more complex returns not provided within the Refund Express process, we suggest you talk to your local taxation agents or contact the ATO.

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